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Record Label & Mastering Studio


Record Label

Starting up in 2017, Back Door Records is your go-to indie record label and mastering spot, dishing out that elusive, timeless vibe that's hard to find on any old city street. Kicked back on the outskirts of Orlando, Florida, where the whole Disney and tourist hustle battles the heat and rhythm of the Panhandle, BDR chills in the shade, all focused on growing its artist squad. They're teaming up with fresh, rising talents from across the electronic dance music scene, grooving in sync with Florida's offbeat and boundary-pushing musical history.

Taking the lead is David Uribe, a Colombian-born producer, and sound engineer renowned as Dsum. From his early days as a DJ, collecting vinyl, and embracing the rave culture since the late 1990s, Uribe has honed a remarkable intuition for the timeless sounds and forms within the realms of house, techno, and the diverse facets of the underground scene. With a primary focus on nurturing talents from Latin America, Dsum and Back Door Records share a mission that arises from an enduring devotion to the artistry and ethos of underground dance music, a commitment fostered by the global community that fuels its unending energy.

Studio Anchor


Getting your music's mixing and mastering done by a pro engineer marks that all-important initial leap to conquer the music industry scene. It doesn't matter if you laid down tracks in your home studio or a swanky professional one – having a skilled touch on the mix and master ensures your tune reaches its pinnacle. Over at Back Door, we're all about fitting our services snugly to your unique needs. Our seasoned sound engineer tackles each new project with a big grin and loads of motivation, armed with top-notch gear to sweep through the post-production phases of any musical venture.

Mastering Services


Monitoring | Focal Solo6 BE / Yamaha MSP7 / Phantom Center GTones.

Outboard | API 2500 Bus Compressor / Manley Tube Direct Box / Cranesong Flamingo Preamp / API 5500 Dual Equalizer / Allen & Heath GL 2400-32 (Modified) / Lexicon MX400XL / Elektron Analog Heat / UA Apollo x8 / TC Electronic Clarity M / Reel to Reel TAPE machine AKAI GX-2200.

Synth | Modular Rig Zany Signals / OSS Mostro / Moog Sub Phatty / Moog Sirin / Nord Wave 2 / micro KORG / Elektron Octatrack MKII / Roland TR-8 / Behringer RD-9 and TD-3 / Roland BOSS DR202 / E-MU Orbit.

Software | WaveLab Pro10UA LUNA / Ableton Live 10 Suite / HEXA UAD plug-in processing / Waves Gold Bundle / Izotope Ozone 9 / Roland Cloud.

Mastering Credits and Discography

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