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[BCKD02] Omar Raven - Principia Quantize

The second reference of Back Door Records comes from one of the most relevant minds in the last months of Medellin's escene. Omar Raven presents a sober sound with enveloping techno textures. Just like his live act, Principia Quantize is full of harmonic progressions, fun rhythms and minimalist sounds. 

The ep has two cuts that let you hear the versatility of Omar's sound. 'Consequences of Reaching Further' is the techno track of this release with a dry kick and hypnotic bass line. On the opposite side 'All Is Full of Grids' is more a housie track with cheerful melodies and fun rhythms. Finally, the digital version comes with a third track where you can appreciate the influence of the minimalist and progressive sound that Raven reflects in his presentations. 



Catalog:      BCKD02

Released:   15 Dec 2017

Genre:        Electronic

Style:          Deep House, Deep Techno



All tracks written, produced and mixed by Magio
Artwork by Itos.

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