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[BCKD04] Florida Connection


Back Door Records dig back down under to bring a fresh and salty Floridian connection to the road with a VA compilation well-curated by Dsum.

As head of BDR, he has been responsible to catch some of the most promising new underground sounds coming out from Miami and Orlando introducing in this release to Atomyard, Mon & Dan Gore.

Florida Connection is the first of a full series of compilations that represents an aesthetic of sampling, fresh rhythms, and deep textures to instruct into the dancefloor.


The groovy titled ‘House Did it’ open the compilation with five minutes of jazzy chords with a robotic voice over a well structured funky bassline. Followed by Dan Gore’s interpretation ‘Astrida’s Flute’, a percussive, emotive and hypnotic cut for those who like organic sounds.


Around the wax, Dsum’s track ‘Baked from the Souls’ is a pure Deep House meditation floating in a deeply acid bass. Closing out the EP, from an inspired cab conversation in Detroit, ‘Motorcity Angels’ draws a vibe of hypnotic and filtered samples that bring back the old sound of the Classic House.



Catalog:      BCKD04

Released:   28 June 2019

Genre:        Electronic

Style:          House / Deep House

Distributed by LOBSTER RECORDS



Written and produced by Atomyard, Dan Gore, Dsum and Monsanto.

Mastered at Back Door Records

Executive Production by Dsum

Design by Serif Inc.


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