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[BCKD05] Insanity Circle - Ruby EP

Insanity Circle is coming into the alley to bring his debut at Back Door Records with a four-track EP exploring the deep more subtle side of his sound. 

Having been recording away in the Medellin's valley from about six months and getting inspired by some "diamonds" in his life journey. The Ruby EP draws off of his more lofi-exploring deep house side, throwing raw grooves and pads into the mix for a solid new digital release. 

On three well-baked tracks, we're slowly enveloped in waves of euphoric filtered pad work, dynamic rhythms and simple but luscious well-located vocals. The fourth track is a Dsum's Jade interpretation, a firm 808 groove keeping those lovely pads and adding a sublimed harmony for a wide intermission!



Catalog:      BCKD05

Released:   30 Aug 2019

Genre:        Electronic

Style:          House / Deep House

Written and produced by Bryan Sanchez. 
Mastered at Back Door Records by Dsum.


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