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[BCKD06] DCM - Moore Street EP

Back Door Records returns with two deep house cuts from DCM remixed by Rick Wade and Dsum for their sixth reference. “Moore Street” EP brings the great sound of the sampling house, based on MPC production DCM recorded two bold and funky courses for this juicy dish. 

‘Moore’ relates a decelerate tale filled with melancholic chords and fun vocals in a subtle percussive bed. “Junin’ as the name of one of the more concurred walk streets in Medellin is a dynamic break and jazzy message for the house music revolution. 

Then on the remix side, the Detroit maestro Rick Wade and the label head Dsum are moving into the dance floor with a fine taste of groove adding the ice of the cake for the DCM’s second vinyl release.



Catalog:      BCKD06

Released:   June 05 / 2020

Genre:        Electronic

Style:          House / Deep House

Written and produced by DCM. 

Remixes by Rick Wade & Dsum.

Mastered at Back Door Records by Dsum.

Distributed by Lobster Records.

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