Mastering is an art and science process and is the essential step to transform an art piece into a professional product. If you are looking to hit the music industry, you need your music to be played everywhere and sounding good. This is why this process is so important. Mastering requires critical listening with a focus on quality, resolution, analogue touch and volume, conserving the artist's sound without changing its essence.

  • Submit Audio

    Send file as .WAV or .AIFF / The files must have a resolution of 24 bits and a sample rate of preferably 44,100 Hz. Higher sample rates (48,000 Hz/96,000 Hz) are accepted. Please send files at the same resolution and bit depth they were recorded.


    The maximum peak of each file should not exceed -6/-3 dB, in order to ensure sufficient headroom for the mastering stage.


    Make certain no processing was done to the master (Limiting, Multiband Compression, and EQ). You can compress, EQ, and effect individual tracks but do not process the master fader.


    Please use the following link to upload the files. Zip files and name archive like (






  • More than 4 tracks?....

    For full album mastering or more than 4 tracks. Please contact us to discuss you project prices.


    Contact Email: